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With the last words the Lord addressed to his Apostles, he ordered them to go into the whole world to make disciples. The message is addressed to all because it is truth. Men and women cannot be saved without the truth. It is, therefore, of the essence of faith that it is transmitted. That is why catechesis, transmission of faith, has been, from the beginning, a vital function of the Church, and it must stay that way so long as the Church endures. The essential duty of catechesis is to lead to the knowledge of God.

There is no faith without the Church.
What are the obstacles to Catechesis?
The world thinks it is its own creator!

In this world of technology, which is a creation of humans, it is not the Creator whom one first encounters, rather, humans encounter only themselves. The basic structure of the world of technology is the “practical.” Its certitudes are those of the calculable. The question of salvation is not posed in terms of God, who appears nowhere, but in function of the power of humans, who wants to be their own constructors and the masters of their own history.

As parents of Catholic children, it is your obligation to see to it that your child is educated in the Catholic Faith. The purpose of our religious education program is to enhance the religious upbringing of these children, so that they will become more knowledgeable about their Faith. We give them the tools and guidelines that will enable them to attain Christian maturity. It is a commitment by the Church, the religious education program, the parents, and the children.

Religious Education class
Religious education students listen attentively in class.



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